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Warning: Entering this site is a sign of strength! 

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Private practice duo providing supportive counseling to adults and adolescents in Texas. Our goal is to empower everyday people to share their stories, understand themselves and enhance living.

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Chasity Rasco, LCSW

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Keisha Moore, LCSW-S

Before Therapy:

My anxiety keeps me in the fear of the unknown. 

My depression feels like a bottomless pit.

The end of my relationship feels like a death.

No one will ever understand me? 

Who am I? What is my purpose?

With Therapeutic Support:

I'm anxious but I have the tools to decrease my anxiety.

My depression is manageable 


The relationship has ended, however, I no longer personalize the experience. 

I found someone who will listen.


My purpose is unique and I'm ready to move forward.

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