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Our Team

Who am I? I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Texas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Prairie View A & M University. I then earned my Master’s Degree in clinical Social Work from The University of Houston. I have many years of experience in a variety of settings including outpatient clinics, schools, wellness centers, inpatient psychiatric facilities, and private practices. My background has enabled me to connect with and be successful in helping late adolescents and adults from various cultural backgrounds. My key areas of interest include life transitions, anxiety, depression, career dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, coping with acute and chronic health problems, loss/grief, and healing from trauma.

My Techniques. I enjoy using a holistic, highly personalized approach that is tailored to each of my client’s individualized needs.   I regularly use techniques grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing,  Attachment Therapy, Acceptance and Mindfulness interventions. I am also trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). 

My Approach. I’ve always believed that no one should want to just “take away” your emotions. Emotions such as sadness, anger, or frustration can be normal.  However, if some of your emotions and feelings have caused undesired concerns in your life, I want to work with you to be able to find the healthiest and realistic way in coping and moving forward.   

I show up in therapy for my clients by doing my own work in managing my self-care. I also try to recognize when I need to give myself forgiveness and compassion. Lastly, I continue to grow my clinical knowledge through education and training. 

You will find that I am a down to earth therapist who wants to encourage you to find and live with your authentic healthy self.  Certain experiences that you’ve been through may have caused you to doubt yourself, but we can work together to access those amazing inherent qualities and strengths you possess. 

Your Part. Please know that the work to help you meet your goals does not end when the session ends. There may be additional activities you will be encouraged to try between sessions. I request that you give me honest feedback about the direction of the approaches in therapy. I welcome feedback. More importantly, I ask that you try to approach therapy with an open mind and be willing to put in some meaningful work. I will commit to doing the same. Let’s be real here, therapy can get tough at times, especially when you’re talking about some things you’ve struggled exploring before. However, therapy can truly be such a rewarding and life-changing experience.  

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Keisha Moore, LCSW-S 

Co-Clinical Director/Therapist

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Chasity Rasco, LCSW

Co-Clinical Director/Therapist 

I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Missouri and Texas. More specifically, I am someone who finds gratification in supporting teens, young adults and women to spark change in their lives. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Prairie View A & M University and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from University of Houston. Yes, I doubled down on the purist of Social Work as seeing growth in others is a true passion of mine. I've had the opportunity to work in our local mental health authority, schools, in-patient medical facilities, community case management and in private practice.

Special Area Of Interest: 

  • Depression (including Post Partum Depression) and Anxiety  

  • Coping with Grief/Loss (including Pregnancy loss and Infertility)

  • Healing from Unresolved Trauma

  • Personal Growth/Self esteem

  • Life Transitions


I've discovered that individuals longed to experience true clarity and confidence in their lives. However, were often held back by fear, shame and ambivalence. Most importantly, clients want someone who truly understands cultural nuances and non verbal cues associated with being a person of color. For this reason (and more) I find fulfillment in working with Women of Color during their healing  journeys. 

My Therapeutic Approaches:

  • Solution Focused Therapy

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Psychodynamic Therapy  


No worries if you are unfamiliar with these approaches. I make psychoeducation a priority as understanding treatment makes for better outcomes. Above all, interventions are tailor to meet your specific needs. I also make it my mission to grow as a therapist through trainings, research and continued education.

I applaud you for taking the first step towards improving your emotional well-being. I truly believe in giving clients a voice and safe place to express themselves. My motto while in session is "it's okay not to be okay". I know that it can be nerve-wrecking to open up to someone you're meeting for the first time.  However, I value the innate self-determination of my clients and empower them to go at a pace which feels most comfortable.

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